Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starting up

Well, I suppose this is where I tell everyone about me and how great I am at gaming. Not quite the case. I'd say I'm a relatively average gamer, though I am a rather avid gamer. I currently have two 40k armies, Daemons and IG, along with two Uncharted Seas fleets, Orcs and Elves, and one Flames of War German Panzerkompanie.

What I'm intending to do with this blog is to put up the odd product review, battle report, and painting tutorial (though I'm a lazy painter and find easy and quick ways do finishing stuff). There may even be a rant or two in here about the type of gamers or perpetual floaters that annoy me so, like the nefarious Unsupervised Game Store Kid.

I currently do all my gaming at my FLGS, Atlantis Games and Comics in Norfolk, VA. I'm actually planning on heading up there tonight to get a Flames of War game in and, hopefully, document it with pics and such to my first ever battle report.

Oh, and I chose the name Undercroft Enterprises because I like the way it sounds.

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