Thursday, August 5, 2010

Panthers in the snow

Here we have some close ups of some of Panther A's. I tried to do a proper Late War German camouflage without the aid of an airbrush. It didn't turn out quite to my satisfaction, but I fixed it with the aid of this article on the Flames of War website:

Here we have a Panther in my not quite so good camouflage. It could be much better, especially if I were to spend more time painting, but I want my stuff done fast cuz I'm lazy and I can only stand so much painting before I lose my drive to paint and quit until I decide to start painting again.

And here we have a collection of 3 Panther A's done up in a simple whitewash winter camouflage. It's quite simple really. Just paint your vehicle as you normally would, let it dry, then get yourself some salt and white primer.

I applied the salt of a moistened tank in areas that I felt the whitewash would flake/wear off quickly. Areas like around the treads, the front end of the tank, and the turret.

The front end and treads got the most salt applied because a quick and dirty paint job chips off really easy, especially if you're a tank moving at speed over a road or field. I hit other areas lightly to simulate small arms fire and crew crawling about the tank.

The third step is to re-prime the tank white when the salt dries, we don't want it to flake off yet. It'll cover up the tank and all of your hard work, but it'll pay off. When the white coat is fully dried (I mean really dry) we take our tanks to the sink.

Using warm water and a sponge, gently scrub off the salt. What will happen is the original paint job can be seen again and the whitewash will look chipped and flaky. If you're lucky, you may even get some crater-like effect and have slightly raised edges in the whitewash. Either way, you get this fantastic effect that makes your (my) quick and dirty paint job look ten times better. It's still quick and dirty, but it's supposed to look dirty.

I still need to do some finishing touches, such at painting up the tank commander but I'm good for the moment since I have a huge mass of nebelwerfer's and SS-Panzergrenadiers to paint up.

Now, I'm off to do something else. I'm going to try to snag a copy of Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson games and put up a review of it up for everyone soon. It's great.