Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flames of War battle Report

This is my first attempt at a battle report. I really got into the game and forgot to take pictures of anything after deployment, so I'm really working from memory.

This game was, unfortunately, blue on blue. My SS Panzerkompanie vs a Tiger company and 1750 Late War.

This is my force here, seven Panther A's, one Luftwaffe 88, and a full SS scout platoon.

Here is my opponent, Greg's, force. 5 Tigers, on bergepanther ARV, 6 nebelwerfers, 3 squad platoon of scouts with command panzerfaust, and panzerpioneers.

This is a rather blurry picture of nearly everything after deployment. The only thing that you can't see is my poorly placed 8.8 way off to the left and his CiC Tiger which will get placed in the sunken road at the top left corner of this shot.

I'm the attacker, we are doing the Fighting Withdrawal scenario, I'm attacking and he has two blasted Tigers in ambush. My primary plan is to scoot one Panther platoon through the woods in hopes of minimizing the the treat of his Tigers and send another Panther Platoon racing up the middle to spread out his fire. My scouts will stay in between each platoon to reduce his ambush options.

My recon team used the recce pregame move to slide up in position to assault his entrenched scouts and flush them out of the woods.

My turn one saw my snow pattern Panthers roll up into the woods and my standard issue Panthers roll up into the village. My scout platoon moved forward and opened fire on his scouts. I failed to do anything significant with any of my shooting. Needing his panzerfaust toting scouts out of the way, my recce platoon pressed that assault only to repelled by defensive fire and losing two stands.

Greg's first turn consisted of sitting tight, butchering my scout platoon, taking out my 8.8 with his nebelwerfers and destroying one Panther in the village.

My second turn was a bit more eventful. My snowy Panthers and CiC slid up outside the second set of woods and managed to crack one Tiger. My Panthers in the village fired a volley at the remaning Tiger and bailed it. Sadly, his crew refused to flee.

Greg's second turn saw Tigers spring an ambush as close as possible to my flanking Panthers near the woods, destroying one and bailing the other. His recce platoon runs up and assaults the remaining Panther in the platoon, destroying it and capturing the bailed out tank. Not looking good for me, but I still have my CiC and two Panthers in the village.

My village Panthers sit tight, hoping to destroy more Tigers with extra shots. My CiC crashes his way over one of my destroyed Panthers and fires a shot as this Bergepanther that is screening a lone Tiger, it'll mean Greg has to move his Tiger around or through the wreck to get to me, either way it'll slow him down. My village Panthers drop some well crafted rounds on his platoon of ambush Tigers that stormtroopered out of the woods and blow one up and bail the other.

Greg's turn is the make or break for me. If he knocks out one more platoon I'll have to pass a Company Morale check to not bug out. All of his bailed out vehicles remount and prepare to wreak havoc on my Panthers. His Bergepanther slides out from it's screening position and the Tiger behind blows my CiC back to the factory. The village Panthers take some hits, destroying another, but they pass their platoon morale.

My turn. Company Morale time! I need a 3+ to stay in this game....oh wait. My CiC is dead. I can't roll Company Morale, there is no one to give orders. My remaining force panic, flee, and turn in their uniforms.

What did we learn today? One, I need artillery, if only for smoke screens. Two, I need to stop leading the attack with my CiC. He always gets killed when I need him to be in command. The main reason why I keep doing this, it's the main reason I keep losing, is because I have the 40k mentality for Company Commanders. In Flames of War, your Company Commander is just as squishy as all the rest of your troops. In 40k, your Company Commander is usually a giant beat stick of doom that chews kittens and spits out tank rounds.

It was a good game, I'm working on a SS-Panzergrenadier infantry company using Panthers and nebelwerfers as support. I think I'll do better with that. We'll see.

Questions, comments, concerns, quips, wise-crack, or smart-ass remarks? Leave some.


  1. John,
    It was a good game, and I got lucky with my Scouts repelling your assault. I look forward to fighting your Panzergrenadiers.


  2. Smarmy remarks? I admit that I cannot do one better than yours on 40K commanders ;D