Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's been a while since I actually posted something other than "I'm here" and the tournament post.

I've finally gotten into something I've wanted to for a long, long time but have refrained because I don't want to have another episode of "get all the stuff to play when there is no place to play," like I did with paintball.

I speak of airsoft. The competitors of Atlantis Games and Comics, Tower of Games, have started up an official store airsoft team. I'm all kinds of in on this. I know, I'm a bad man, hanging with the "enemy," but I don't care. The Tower guys are a good group that got a bad rap because they were a close by competitor to the VB Atlantis location. Well, the VB store closed and Tower claimed the Greenbrier area as theirs. To all of you who still hate Tower, stuff it, get off your pedistal, they are a good group.

I already traded out all of my old paintball stuff that I barely used. The most I really used that was one backyard game that lasted less than two hours because it was just me and one friend and we had limited ammo. Other than that, it was plinking in the backyard.

I traded it all out on Craigslist for a JG M4 CQB with two hi-cap mags, two batteries, a vertical foregrip, gun bag, and a red/green dot sight. Alot of fantastic stuff that I've already gotten a good amount of use out of. For those of you that don't know, airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic bb's and this one if fully automatic.

We play out at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, it's a fantastic field. A massive place of about 96 acres of forested goodness. There is a small town in the centerish area of the field where a lot of the action takes place. Even Regina, my fiance, came out with us last weekend. She had a great time, I was worried that she'd get lit up and want to go home straight away. That didn't happen.

We were in the first Force-on-Force game in the village. Force-on-Force is basically Call of Duty Team Deathmatch. Well, me and Regina ran up and posted in the four story building (only the first floor is available at this time due to construction). I'm shooting at guys in and behind the two story building across the clearing, she's hanging back not getting shot.

We decide to make a push to a closer building and succeed in doing so without getting shot, but a enemy player pops up in the window on the other side of the building. I drop back behind cover, click my gun into semi-auto (it's the rules for being really close, a full auto burst from 5 feet away blows), I pop back from behind my wall to tag this guy. He's gone. And I hear from behind me "Safety! Safety," guy went around the building and "killed" us with safety kills. Our attacker drops back because of return fire and Regina gets dragged off by a teammate to get healed by our medic (MEDIC!) and I'm left sitting in the dirt and a crossfire.

I'm waiting for a teammate to drag me to the medic and I'm wondering about Regina. How's she doing, is she ok? My question is answered by seeing her make a push on the opposite building with a couple other guys. She's fine. I'm still dead.

A short while later, a teammate runs up and drags me to the medic (yay), and Regina is sitting on the ground against the wall crying. Crap. Turns out she got killed again (shot in the face) while I was waiting for someone to come get me, and got lit up while being dragged to the medic and got shot in both ears. Now I want you to remember back to your school days. Remember how much it sucks to get flicked in the ear from behind? Yeah, now imagine that flick is a 6mm bb flying at 400fps, and it has a few friends behind it. Yeah, she's hurt but the game isn't done and the enemy is closing in on our position.

I post up by the wall with another guy on my left in a shack. We pin down the attackers and I run up for a good sized brush pile and start taking down guys, trying to tag their medic runners. After killing a couple enemy players, one gets a lucky shot between the brush and shoots me in the neck. So now I'm dead again and have time to worry about Regina. Is it going to be time to pack it up and go home because she doesn't want to get lit up again?

No, she's charging up to another building and dragging wounded to the medic and returning fire. I'm not worried about her at all now. If she can get lit up in both ears, and get her balls shot off (think about it, she's got piercings) and go back out there and paint a big fat "SHOOT ME! I'M BEING A MEDIC RUNNER," sign above her head, then I don't have to worry about her. I'm going to anyways.

The game ends with our side winning. The next game is another Force-on-Force, we just switch ends of the village.

Me and six other guys make a suicide charge on our right flank to distract the enemy from our team rushing the berm. I get killed straight way and am in a really bad position, so I wait a bit and then walk over to the dead guy area. The round ends fast with a win for our side again, I think. Regina ended up posting up with the medic and covering him and his runners.

In the end, we all had a great time. Now we have to do is save up some cash and get Regina the gun she wants once she decides on it. Until next time, enjoy.

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