Monday, September 6, 2010

Atlantis Comics Flames of War Tournament

This past Sunday was the first of many Flames of War tournaments at Atlantis Games and Comics. It went rather well. We had players from as far out as West Virginia come out. A couple guys from Richmond, one from Lynchburg and the W.VA guy as well as the regular Atlantis FoW players.

I actually managed to win two games out of three. Mostly win by Victory Points, but it's still a couple wins. I ran a Panzerkompanie from Fortress Europe.

HQ and 2iC: Panther A's

3 Panther A's

3 Panzer IV's

Full scout platoon in swimmwagen

4 panzerwerfer 42's with extra crew

Limited air support, Stukas with bombs


It went really well over all, good turn out, no rules issues or absurd broken lists. Good times.

I'm working on a new list using one of the PDF's on the FoW site. Kampgruppe Kastner.

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  1. Very nice, and congrats! I wanted to make it out there, but had to pick my wife up at the airport. Make sure to let us know when the next one is, as its just a hop, skip, and jump away from me!